Thursday, January 16, 2014

8 months

Hannah turned 8 months on Tuesday, and it sure has been a week of changes for the little girl.  We've started really babbling, pulling up on her own, army crawling, and a new tooth.  Suddenly one day this past week, Hannah's "talking" went from a few notes here and there to non-stop babbles filled with "baba" and "dada".  The "mama" comes out in her crying wails.  Hmm...Oh well.  It's really quite cute to listen to her when she is talking.  She can go off on tangents, and I like to imagine the elaborate story she's trying to tell me.

And her second tooth has finally arrived today.  You can see her first lower tooth that came right before Christmas.

I feel like Hannah has been so close to crawling for almost two months, but this week she is finally mobile.  (Finally??  I don't know why I am so anxious to chase after her!)  She started army crawling on her belly today.  There are two things that get her moving at the moment.  My keys and her ball popper.

We decided to take the photo shoot to the carpet.  Hannah doesn't like to just sit for very long, and with that last picture, it was only a matter of time before she would lunge herself off the chair.

She's also started pulling up from a sitting position to a standing position with her toy elephant ball popper.  I need to help stabilize her still when she's standing, but her balance is really improving.  She's just growing and meeting new milestones so quickly this month.

With all the changes, some things are still the same.  We're still on reflux medicine.  Unfortunately, even after starting solids, it still bothers her, and we still wear bibs nearly all day for the spit up.  We still have quite a few fussy days, but she is so incredibly worth it.  Hannah nurses 4 times per day, and she has solids 3 times per day.  She will eat about 2 bowls of cereal and 2 jars of baby food.  Hannah has been trying a lot of new food combinations, but oatmeal banana cereal is still her tried and true favorite.  I thought I would be a mom that makes her own baby food, but I have yet to try it.  I am barely able to cook us dinner on a daily basis.  So for now, I am leaving it up to Gerber, and I'm ok with that.

Baby girl gives these slobbery, open-mouth kisses to us constantly.  She can get really passionate with these, and she grabs our face and smooshes her mouth quite forcefully into our cheeks.  Sometimes if she's really loving us, rasberries are blown.

Can't believe 2014 is here, and I have an 8 month old on my hands.  Here's hoping for lots of laughs and more sleep in 2014. :)