Wednesday, February 19, 2014

9 months

Hannah turned 9 months on Valentine's day, and we've had some major changes this month!  Like 5 more teeth changes!  That's right, Hannah added 5 new teeth in a matter of 4 weeks.  She's also pulling up and standing on her own, and because that's not enough to keep me on my toes, she's trying to climb after she's standing!  Crawling and sitting are now perfected to an art form, and this girl is all over.

We went to the pediatrician yesterday for her check up, and her weight has plateaued.  She is 15lb 5oz which is below the 5th percentile.  Her length is continuing on at the 10th percentile (26.5 inches).  In fact, I took her to the doctor several weeks ago, and she had weighed 8 ounces MORE than she weighed yesterday.  Although she did have clothes and a diaper on for the weigh in a few weeks ago.  It is so deceiving that she weighs so little.  Weston and I think she has a promising future as a UT cheerleader, horse jockey, or Olympic gymnast.  :)

I have been ready to transition her to bottles/sippy cups during the daytime feedings, and this doctor's appointment confirms that is what is best for her.  I can monitor exactly how much she is eating now.  We have to go back in a month for another weigh in to make sure she's back on track.  I'll transition starting with one bottle per day and then go to two bottles and nurse her morning and night.  I luckily have about 300 oz breastmilk stored in my freezer, but I imagine we may have to give her some formula before she hits the one year mark.  300 ounces sounds like a lot to me at first, but at two bottles per day that would last 24 days!  Not to mention the oatmeal cereal that takes milk.  So we'll just have to see how we transition, and I'll continue to pump for the time being.

Hannah is still a picky eater, but if you feed her what she likes or is in the mood for that day, she will eat excellent.  Oatmeal cereal is always her favorite, and she usually likes most fruits.  She'll eat veggies depending upon what side of the crib she wakes up on, and you might as well forget trying to feed her meats.  We also gave her puffs as part of her Valentine's day gift.  At first, she looked as though I gave her a shot of liquor when she swallowed a puff for the first time, but now she's gotten used to the texture and likes them and Cheerios.

Hannah loves to blow rasberries out the side of her mouth.  She'll stick her tongue out always on the left side of her mouth and just blow rasberries.  It is the most hilarious thing to watch.  Weston says it's her "joke" that she has on repeat.  She also loves to know down the tower of soft blocks we build for her.  She squeals with delight and crawls over as fast as she can to knock it back down.


We are standing and pulling up on everything now.  So Weston lowered the crib, and I adjusted my DIY cribskirt to the new length.  It took me a matter of 20 minutes total to adjust all four panels, and that was with a very curious baby who kept on wanting to take and chew on my ruler.

That's all for little 9 month old sweetie.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's day.  Weston and I celebrated at home.  He cooked me a delicious dinner of stuffed shrimp, asparagus, and strawberry fields salad.  I love my two Valentines.