Thursday, May 29, 2014

12 Months

Well tomorrow was my due date one year ago, and Hannah celebrated her birthday a couple weeks ago.  In the weeks leading up to her birthday, I couldn't believe that the year had passed.  She didn't seem old enough or big enough to me.  And almost like she received a memo that she was a big girl at 12 months, she started doing things that make me realize I have a toddler now.

For example, we went to the zoo yesterday, and she walked all by herself through the primate house stepping up to each display glass and peering through.  She would spot each monkey and excitedly grunt and point at the animal.  It was too cute, and as her mother, I would dare to claim that she is advanced for a 12 month old.  :)

We have added a 7th tooth to the list.  Her lower left came in just weeks before her birthday.

Hannah continues to stay on the low end of the growth chart at 10th percentile for both height and weight.  She is 18 lb 5 oz and 28 inches.  When I took her in for her well baby visit, both the pediatrician and nurse said separately they couldn't believe how strong she was.  Her doctor called her small but mighty.  It really is no surprise to me because she was is constantly moving and grunting and picking up things as big as she is to carry around the house.  Things I didn't think would be possible for a little one to lift like the laundry detergent or her plastic whale baby tub.  She loves to transport these items all over the house.  I try to be careful what she will try to lift because I don't want her to hurt herself.

Up until learning to walk, her little push walker has been her trusty stead.  The week before her birthday went from a few steps here and there to completely walking all over.  It is so rare now to find her crawling.  Once she learned to walk she loved the new freedom (aka mischief) it provided her.

Feeding Hannah can be hard.  She can be picky at times.  With all the traveling and moving, we have yet to get rid of the bottles, and we still give her the occasional baby food.  I hope to introduce the new eating routine and sippy cups of milk when we return to Birmingham next week.  She is doing great with whole milk which is great because she did at one time have transient lactose deficiency.  She loves yogurt melts, puffs, deli meat, and bananas.  Weston gave her one of his cheese puffs from his lunch yesterday which she loved too.

In many ways, life is so much easier with a 12 month old.  Sure she can destroy the house within 15 minutes of getting up, and you chase after her all day long.  But she is so much happier these days.  Reflux really did a number on her the good part of her first year.  Now she loves to interact and tells us jokes without saying a word.  She sleeps like a champion from 8pm-6:30/7am and takes two decent naps a day.  Hannah loves to dance.  Once she hears music, she stands up to clap and bounce around.  Her absolute favorite song right now is Pharrell Williams "Happy".  If she is fussy in the car, that song will always get her clapping and happy!

Happy First Birthday Hannah Hart Hobgood!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Life Update

These past few weeks have been some of the busiest of my entire life.  The only busier time would be spring 7 years ago as I had a thesis to complete and defend, wedding to plan, job to find, and secure a home to rent in a town I had never lived before.  This May comes in at a close second.  We successfully moved ourselves out of our house with a baby completely on our own.  We closed on our house May 15, one day after Hannah's first birthday.  It is a good thing they don't remember birthdays at this age because hers was spent going to the doctor in the morning for her shots and followed by walking around an empty house (oh yes, we are walking now!) while Weston and I spent every last minute getting everything into our storage unit.  Our last moments spent as a family of three in our first house was by eating leftovers for dinner sitting on the floor of our empty house.  It was an emotional day to say the least.

Last runs around her first nursery!

Cutie pie at the pediatrician's office.  You have views of UAB to the top right of Hannah's head.

Our last family shot in our home post picnic dinner.  It had been a rainy day moving.  So please excuse our appearance and focus on the sweet baby.

Exhausted and tired after dinner, we made it to the hotel just in time for bath and bed.  I looked down at my precious baby asleep, and I was sad I couldn't absorb her special day the way I had wanted.  The next morning before closing Weston headed to work and came back in time to head to the attorney's office.  We signed the papers, and Hannah was as quiet and as still as I have ever seen her before in my life.  The attorney said she wins the award for best baby in the office in quite awhile.  An award that I thought was previously unattainable for our highly energetic and very mobile baby, but we were very proud of her!

So closing was on a Thursday, and we drove immediately to Franklin to stay with my parents through the following week.  Friday was spent scrambling to get all the details finished for Hannah's birthday party on Saturday.  Weston had stayed up with me until midnight the night before helping me finish icing her cakes.  Saturday was an unusually chilly day for May, but the weather held up long enough for us to celebrate our big 1 year old at my parent's neighborhood park.  It was a giraffe theme party in honor of Hannah's two favorite toys which happen to both be giraffes.  I will do a separate post on her party when I can get to my camera.  For now here's an Iphone picture.

After Saturday's party was over, we had to turn our focus back on the house hunt.  I had mentioned that we had a house that we had loved and pending inspection it would be ours.  Well, the inspection did not go well at all, and we decided to walk away from it.

Here it was.  It had a gorgeous entry way and beautiful molding and bay windows in both the living room/office and dining room.  The dining room was my favorite.  I probably had the most vision for this room.

So unfortunately, we were back to square one.  After the first house fell through, we had even drove back spur of the moment the weekend before moving out to look at a house that we thought was "the one".  Houses are going extremely quick in this market, but we had decided to wait and think about it before putting in an offer due to pet smells in the house and Weston's allergies.  The "smelly" house (as Weston and I call it) was under contract one week later when we returned.  Ugh!

So long story short, we have found another house, and we're currently under contract again.  We have done the initial inspection, and we're needing one more inspection before we can have resolution with the seller on the repairs.  It has a really neat layout that I have never seen before, and it is more updated than the first house we put an offer on.  We so hope this is the house for us, and I can't wait to share the pictures with you. 

Currently, we are back in Birmingham, and unpacked a few things from our storage unit into our temporary apartment.  Hannah and I are headed back to Franklin this Friday again to help cohost a baby shower for a close friend of mine.  Then I have some Birmingham friends headed up for a last girls getaway in Nashville the following week.  And next Friday is Weston's graduation.  I'm just trying to take it one day at a time.