Thursday, January 31, 2013

Baby Girl has a Name!

Hi again!  Yes, it's been four weeks since my last baby bump pictures.  So it's time for some updating.  It's amazing how much baby girl and I both are growing in these last four weeks.

We are feeling her kick more and more each week.  I love laying in bed at night and just feeling her move.

And her name is....

Miss Hannah Hart Hobgood!  She'll go by "Hannah".  There is just no other name more perfect for our little girl.  I tried to come up with others because I was concerned about all the H's.  I mean a southern girl has to think about the monogram, but I love her name and even the HHH monogram.  And Weston has loved her name from day one.  So we have a winner!  We chose Hannah after Hannah in the bible who prayed to God for a baby that she would raise as a child of God, and He blessed her with Samuel.  Hannah means "grace", and it was definitely through God's grace to have our daughter.

Hart is a family name.  It was my maternal grandma's maiden name.  She is no longer living, but she continues to be a huge influence on my life.  She was so kind and loving.  She never judged nor said a harsh word about anyone.  She was just so classy and beautiful.  My first name "Mary" was named after her as well.  So it is so special to have such a wonderful woman I can tell my daughter she was named after.

Well we're now all caught up on the bump pictures.  Can't wait to post on our new guest room and the dresser off craigslist that we converted into a dresser/changing table for Hannah.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Christmas 2012

January is a month that seems to drag on, but this year it has flown by!  It probably has something to do with finding out we're having a little girl which then spurred starting our baby registry and getting the nursery and guest rooms ready.  I can't wait to share pictures from all we've been doing on the rooms, but before it's February, I thought I'd share some Christmas pictures.

This little girl just loved to unwrap the presents.  It didn't matter who the gift was to or what was inside, but tearing that wrapping paper was so much fun.


Santa sure was good to these kids this year.  Katie's favorite was a baby doll who sucks her pacifier.

Poor Weston missed most of the Christmas celebrations with being so sick at his parent's house, but he was well enough to open presents later with his little helper.

Katie is barely holding on to the lower end of the charts in weight, and her pants tend to sag on her which cracks me up.  I think she's just going to be on the thin side like her daddy was as a kid.  And that's ok because she still has these adorable cheeks to kiss.

I really didn't get any pictures besides the kids.  With Weston not well, I didn't break out the camera for a family picture on either side of the family.  But we did snap this one before my birthday dinner awhile back.

Merry Christmas in January y'all!

Monday, January 7, 2013

It's A .....


We are over the moon to find out we're having a baby girl.  Weston and I have thought it was a girl from the moment we found out we were expecting.  Even though I thought it might be a girl, I can't believe she actually is a girl!!  I'm from a family of boys.  When I say family of boys, I was the 8th grandchild on my Dad's side of the family and the first granddaughter.  The odds aren't much better on my Mom's side with 7 boys and 3 girls.  So to know I'm going to have a little girl makes me so excited!  I still have trouble falling asleep at night I'm so excited.

After our appointment last Thursday, we skyped and shared the news with the grands, aunts, and uncles.  We kept it a secret from everyone else and threw a gender reveal party on Saturday with our friends here in Birmingham.

We decorated up the house for the reveal.

Pink and blue punch to sip with pink and blue straws.

Our cake with pink or blue icing in the center to reveal the gender.

The voting ballot chalkboard that was split pretty evenly.

Our best friends, Jenny and Jakob, drove down to celebrate with us.


Weston got some snuggles in with a sleepy Liam.  He is going to be such a great daddy!!

Our Team Blue!

 Our Team Pink!!

Once everyone got there we went ahead and cut the cake.  I'm going to try and attach a quick video Jenny took on her phone of us cutting the cake.  We can't stop laughing at it.  As soon as everyone saw pink, I just let go and started jumping up and down leaving Weston to fumble the cake on the plate.  It's a good thing I wasn't the one with the knife!

Asher with his slice of pink cake and pink punch.

Jenny's mom crochets these beautiful baby blankets.  She had made a pink and a blue one that Jenny brought down to give to us after our reveal.  I love the beautiful pink blanket!

Thank you friends for celebrating with us.  Thank you family for all your love and excitement for our baby girl.  Thank you long distance friends who celebrated with us from afar.  This sweet baby is so loved, and I am so honored to be her Mommy.