Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Getting It Together

Time to dust off the ole' computer (quite literally, as I'm doing drywall repair and sanding in our office) and get updated with the family happenings.  I love going back and reading about Hannah's first year because you forget so much, and I don't want to forget everything that's happened since I've last blogged.  So let's play a little catch up.  And I want to blog separately about house updates, because I have some to share soon!

We've missed several holidays on this little blog, so let's start with Halloween.  I'm sure some of you on Facebook and Instagram saw Hannah's costume.  We dressed her up as Albert Einstein.  It was Weston's genius idea, pun intended.  Hannah's hair do is identical to Einstein most days.  I try to get a bow in the front to make it cute, but usually the back is wavy and a little wild.

It was a pretty easy costume to put together.  I found an inexpensive toddler boy suit from Walmart, and I ordered the lab coat from Amazon.  I like that she can play with the lab coat in the future and even play doctor like Daddy.  My parents were in Texas for Halloween visiting my brother's family, but we did drive down to see Hannah's cousin Caroline.  Lindsey, my sister-in-law, sewed this costume with her Mom.  She was the cutest puppy ever.

After seeing Caroline, we went by and saw our best friends with their daughter, Avery.  She was an adorable pea in a pod.  Avery's Grandma loaded Hannah up with candy, and then we were off to our house to pass out candy!  It was crazy cold on Halloween, and Weston's parents brought in chili.  We had wanted to take Hannah to a few neighbors houses this year, but we decided to wait until next year after how cold it was.

Fall was especially fun with this girl.  She loved to rake leaves outside and jump in them!  Sweet girl.

We celebrated Thanksgiving early this year with my family at my parent's house.


My mom's beautiful table setting.

A couple days before Thanksgiving, our friends from Richmond, VA, were in town and stopped for a visit.  Their son, Roderick, is just a few months older than Hannah.  They were too cute together.  We're so happy for them as they just found out they're adding a girl to the family early summer.

We hosted a Thanksgiving meal on Thanksgiving day at our house with Weston's family.

Some days we wait for Daddy to get home from work right before bedtime.  She'll wait and look for his truck to pull up from her window.

Our church had a breakfast with Santa for the children of the parish.  Neither Caroline or Hannah were fond of the man in red up close this year which we were all expecting, but the girls had a blast with the crafts and being together with Grandma.


Weston and I dressed up before his company Christmas party, and Weston's parents babysat for us.

For my birthday, we spent a weekend at the Opryland hotel.  My parents got us tickets Friday night for the Radio City Rockette's.  The show was awesome.  It is the last year they'll be in Nashville, so I am so happy we were able to see them.  Saturday my parents brought Hannah up, and we went to see the ICE exhibit Twas the Night before Christmas.

The whole exhibit is made of ice by these Chinese ice sculptors who have been working for months on this.  The last scene was the nativity in pure, clear ice.  It was so pretty.

After the Ice and lunch, my parents left, and we explored the giant hotel with Hannah which she absolutely loved.

We ordered yummy room service that night, and we ate out on our balcony and watch the people and boats go by.  Hannah loved it.  It was definitely the right choice to do room service with her rather than fighting the crowds down at the hotel restaurants.  Plus we thought it was pretty fun!

And finally we had Christmas!  Weston and I unfortunately got the flu over Christmas.  I was really not feeling well on Christmas day, so I wasn't able to get the pictures I would have liked.  Weston did get me a video camera for my birthday, and we recorded her opening up her gifts from Santa.  I really wanted one so we could look back through the years with it.  These aren't the best pictures from my phone, but this was after Christmas eve Mass.  Hannah wore a beautiful navy, smocked corduroy dress with little pearls.

I asked her to stand next to the tree, and she very literally stood into the tree and leaned into it.

Right before bed in our matching pj's.  I hope to keep this tradition going.

After Santa visited our house!  This was the first year for us to be in our own home on Christmas since we were married 7 years ago.  So it was very special to spend it as our little family.

As you can see, Santa brought Hannah some table and chairs, a play kitchen, a baby crib, and play food!  She was a very good girl this year.

Are you still here?  If so, I'm impressed.  I'm sorry most of these pictures aren't the best quality, but I am so happy to have this documented on here.  I went to update Hannah's baby book a few days ago and realized how much I reference the blog to fill in her book.  I love to have this recorded.  Thank you for letting me share it with you!  Happy 2015!