Monday, July 22, 2013

Road Trip!

Hannah and I took our first road trip a couple weeks ago.  We had a baby shower to attend for my brother and SIL, Joe and Lindsey.  Weston was on call and couldn't come.  So my dad picked us up and drove us back to Franklin.  She did so good on the drive and did this pretty much the whole way there.  We only had to stop two hours into the drive for a diaper change and bottle, and we were on the road again.

Bringing Hannah "home", she had plenty of family members to meet.  Uncle Joe and Aunt Lindsey hadn't met baby girl yet.  Their baby girl, Caroline, is due any day now!  We're excited to have our girls so close in age!

Hannah also got to meet two sets of my aunts and uncles.  This is her great Aunt Susan who happened to be traveling from Florida back to Indiana and wanted to meet baby girl.

The baby shower was a couples baby shower on Sunday, and it was a great time showering Caroline with all the necessities and more.  We got Hannah all dressed up for Caroline's party.

We played a guys versus girls charades game of baby phrases which was pretty humorous.  After the party, Uncle Joe got a little snuggle time with Hannah before saying goodbye.  I think he's ready for his little girl.

After the shower, Hannah still had family to meet.  So we ran over to meet some of her daddy's family at Weston's uncles house.  She met her aunt, two great uncles, one great aunt, one second cousin, one great-great aunt, and one third cousin.  Phew!  Hannah is so loved.  She is the first great grandchild for the family.

I think we summed up between the people at church, the baby shower, and her uncle's house, she had 17 people hold her.  It was a big day for her, and she slept for 6 hours that night!  It.felt.amazing.y'all.  Now in the past week she has even slept a couple of 7 hour stretches.  Last night was not one of those nights *yawn* but we will try again tonight.

Before we left to head back to Franklin, we had a girls day with both of Hannah's grandmas and her soon to be Aunt Jade.

Then we hit the road to meet Weston half way between Franklin and Birmingham.  We only had one hiccup on the way.  We got a flat tire on my dad's brand new car.  So while Dad changed the tire, I got Hannah out of her car seat to stretch.  Then we got back on the road pretty quickly and had to drive a little slower on the spare tire on the interstate, but we made it to meet daddy.

On my way, Daddy!


Looking forward to many more road trips with my girl.  And special thanks to my dad for driving all that way for us to come visit.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

2 Months

Hannah is two months today, and she has grown so much in the last month.  Her newborn clothes no longer fit, and she is in size 1 diapers!  She's no longer our newborn and now our baby.

The best thing that she has learned this month was to smile!!  Those smiles make it all worth it.  The tongue sticking out was right before she flashed us a smile.

And this one was right after the smile.  I wish my camera had caught her in between.  Baby smiles are the best!

Hannah had her two month well baby visit this past week.  She had 4 shots and 1 oral vaccine.  She weighed in at 9lb 12oz which is the 25th percentile.  At one month she was just in the 3rd percentile, so her weight gain was great to hear!  Her length was 21 inches (10th percentile) which means she's grown 3 inches since birth.

We're still working on getting her reflux better.  Poor thing has had a rough weekend.  Looks like we'll be calling her doctor to possibly get her on some Zantac.  Hopefully that will help.

Happy 2 months baby girl!

Monday, July 1, 2013

A Night Out

This post is a little late, but two weeks ago marked our first night out to dinner with the baby and friends.  It was so nice to blow dry my hair, put makeup on, and have dinner out at my favorite restaurant, Cocina Superior.  Not to mention that our company for dinner happened to be our very best friends who traveled to Birmingham with gifts in tow like Santa Claus to meet Hannah.

I think Jenny said Hannah was the first newborn she's ever held.  She became really comfortable with her in no time. 

And it had been over a decade since Jakob has held a little one.  I can not get over how tiny she looks in his arms!!

Jakob picked out the hairbow she's wearing along with a few others for Hannah all by himself.  Melt. My. Heart.  Thank you Jakob!!

And of course this occasion with Jenny and Jakob definitely deserved a photo shoot in our front yard.

First family photo. :)

And of course the star of this whole show...

I would like you to notice the difference in Weston's smile from the picture of him holding her and the one before of the three of us.  Now I know to get a big, genuine grin I need to put the baby in his arms.

Me and my girl.

I know we documented a lot of pictures for a dinner out.  Bear with me.  :)

It was surreal to ask the hostess for a table for four and a baby.

So thankful for great friends like ours.  Jakob is preparing for the bar exam while working full time, and the fact that they took out a weekend to come visit when free time is so limited just to meet Hannah means the world to Weston and me.