Saturday, March 5, 2016

Babies on the Beach

Well I just posted about our kitchen backsplash update.  That was a recent project we finished, but now I'm going to jump waaaay back to last summer (yes, this is how far behind I am).  We went to the beach with our good friends, Jenny and Jakob, and their adorable daughter, Avery.  Avery was about 10 months on this trip, and Hannah had just turned 2.  Weston and I have taken several trips with Jenny and Jakob, but this marked the first trip with kids.

We met our friends down at the beach, but Weston and I rented a minivan so that we could all caravan around together while we were down there.  And y'all.  We loved that minivan.  Automatic sliding doors are the greatest invention ever.  But are we minivan people??  Surely not.  My old college roommates predicted I am.  Time will tell how well they know me. :)

Getting back on subject, we had a fantastic time at Santa Rosa Beach located on 30A between Seaside and Sandestin.  Not many places on 30A are beach front, and we love this little complex.  It was our second time staying there.  It was ground level with a flat grassy area for the kids to play right off the patio.

We spent our trip on beach and eating delicious dinners just the way we like to vacation.  After the kids went to sleep, we spent our evenings on the patio with a drink in hand talking about life with our friends while we listened to the waves crash in behind us.

We found a couple new fantastic restaurants.  There is one just over the bay bridge with delicious sushi with this waterfront beach area.  We snapped a few pictures after dinner.

Our favorite family selfie to date.

We had to put the girls in matching dresses one night.

The outtakes:


Have you ever run quickly to a baby's aid stuck on their back in the sand??  Warning, you may kick sand in their poor face.  This may or may not have happened.

There was a lot of jumping and squealing at the ocean.  This beach trip marked the transition into really having fun in the sand for Hannah.

Avery really liked the beach too for being as young as she was when we went.  She even napped twice on the beach!

Coordinating swimsuits thanks to Jenny's Mom.  Thanks Sharon!

We love this little place of paradise, and we're so thankful our friends agreed to join us.  It was definitely not like our trips before babies, but it was exhausting and fun.  I'll cherish this trip always.