Wednesday, June 11, 2014

1st Birthday Giraffe Party

Well, Hannah and I have made it back to Birmingham for the next three weeks.  We were so happy to be reunited with Weston!  I am long overdue sharing pictures from Hannah's birthday party, and boy do I have pictures to share.  As I mentioned before, we had a giraffe themed party because Hannah loves all things giraffe since she was very little.

We ordered her giraffe invites off of Tiny Prints.

I made the banner from scrapbooking paper that said "Happy 1st Birthday Hannah".

The party was held at my parent's neighborhood picnic pavilion.

I was so happy to have so many adorable girls at Hannah's party.  My sister-in-law, Lindsey, is to the left with my sweet niece, Caroline (9mo).  Andrea, my high school friend and college roommate, is in the center with her daughter, Collin (9 mo).  Jenny is expecting her daughter, Avery, late July.  I've been close friends with Jenny since 5th grade and went to college together as well!  And far right is Lindsay and her daughter, Etta (8mo).  Lindsay and I grew up in the same neighborhood and spent much of our childhood together at the pool and park where we had Hannah's party.

We also had Weston's Aunt Cindy, Uncle David, and cousin, Laura, there to celebrate with us.

Hannah and her Nonna.

I pulled the colors: yellow, deep pink, and green for the party from Hannah's dress.

I made her a special little party hat with a giraffe 1 for Hannah and several party hats for the guests too.

Weston and I made her cake out of the number 1 pan to look like a giraffe.

Hannah's tiny smash cake and her 1 candle.

 We went simple on the food.  We had deli wraps brought in from Publix with chip and fruit kabobs.

We made sure to have snacks for Hannah's friends.

My mom and I made sugar cookies: Giraffes and hearts, for our Hannah "Hart".

Weston and Hannah with his best friend Jakob, the soon-to-be-dad.

Hannah had so many wonderful gifts to open.  She loves her books and musical toys.  She received some adorable additions to her wardrobe thanks to some very fashionable friends.

 Grandma and Granddad went all out with a giraffe themed presents to go along with Hannah's love of giraffes.  Her new stuffed giraffe gets carried around by the neck everywhere with her, and she absolutely loves it.  Hannah also enjoys to push her little giraffe tricycle around and give it kisses.

Nonna and Pops gave Hannah the fanciest water table that I have ever seen, and we can't wait to break it out this summer at our new house.  She already loves it, and we haven't even added the water.  She has no idea what fun is in store for her with this toy!

Hannah got a fancy wagon from Mommy and Daddy.  She really loves it.  We have taken it on several walks and trips to the pool at my parent's house.  Again, it's another toy that we can't wait to use in the new house.

After presents, we had cake!  Hannah did pretty good diving into her cake and having her first taste of sugar!

I still can't believe we pulled off the party less than 48 hours after moving out of our house.  I love that so many of our close friends and family were there to celebrate the first year of Hannah's life.  Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us near and far!  Thank you also to my picture takers, Hannah's Uncle Joe and Pops, who are missing from these photos!

Happy Birthday, my Hannah Hart!